Attack on Titan 128, Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 128 Spoilers, Release Date

Today we will talk about the spoilers and release date of Attack On Titan 128 or Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 128. But before moving forward let me tell you that this post contains massive spoilers for the upcoming chapter, so read at your own risk. Enjoy!

Attack on Titan Chapter 128-

But before moving forward let’s talk about the previous chapter.

Attack on Titan Chapter 127 summary

There was a lot of other great stuff that happened in this chapter, from Yelena calling everyone out to Mikasa being willing to stop but not kill Eren, and Gabi continuing to be great when apologizing and pleading for help. So much to unpack in this chapter, fans’ faith in Isayama has definitely been restored. He has basically already said that a happy ending isn’t possible. Fans are anxiously looking forward to Attack on Titan 128 which is going to release on 9th April.

Also, readers all around the globe formed 2 factions- one who supports Eren and the other group wants to see the alliance bring him down. The latter group has some logical thinking since Eren is not simply committing genocide; he’s committing mass murder. Everyone outside of the walls, regardless of his kin, shall be trampled underfoot.

Eren’s Genocide

Genocide is never justifiable, even if not doing it will result in your destruction. Even now Hange does not have a reasonable outcome planned if they somehow stop Eren. She’s just saying that genocide is wrong. It certainly is extreme, but in the context of the world they live in, right now it seems to be the only possible way. Hange knows that’s the only way she can think of, as well as Jean.

What if Eren continues? The cycle of violence will repeat again. He won’t get all of his enemies, and he’s going to die in a couple of years. The survivors of the rest of the world will wage an even harder war, and it will never end. As they said in this chapter, it’s now or never. At least by stopping the rumbling and showing cooperation between enemies, there’s a chance, however small, that there can be reconciliation.

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How the alliance will stop Eren?

The rumbling is in motion and they don’t know all of the steps necessary to stop it. Sure, they can touch Zeke and end up in the paths dimension, but they need to convince Ymir to stop. From her allowing Eren to do this, she sure doesn’t seem to care about the rest of the world. This isn’t Eren’s apocalypse so much as it is Ymir’s as well. She was tortured, subjugated, enslaved, and demonized by the world. She wants revenge and she ultimately holds all the cards. They can do all they want, but the world is already over.

Jean pointed out all the questions we have been discussing this whole time, he also pointed out the reason why Eren is using this way. It’s basically a war for survival. Eren’s goal is to save Paradis, he won’t listen to anyone unless they come up with a real plan to save Paradis.

The author used Marco’s death, something pretty quiet and honestly unimportant in the grand scheme of things, is still influencing events now. Marco’s death was meant to spur Jean into joining the Survey Corps and to agonize Reiner’s double personalities. But it was unexpected that these two results to eventually clash a hundred chapters later, even though it seemed so obvious.

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Read Attack on Titan Chapter 128 Spoilers

Fans are waiting for Historia and Eren’s POV, this might come true in Attack on Titan Chapter 128. We will also see Floch and Yeagerists in this coming chapter. The Yeagerists are still in control, they have occupied the harbor and Kiyomi is in Floch’s hands.

It looks like the Yeagerists knew about the alliance. Floch is a bigger last enemy they will be facing in Attack on Titan 128. With the uncertainty about whether they can even stop Eren in the first place, the question about who ends up ruling Paradis becomes incredibly important. It’s the difference between the rumbling being seen as an emancipating event of legend or a tragedy born of centuries of injustice.

Attack on Titan 128

Floch has Kiyomi hostage and probably has that plane under control too. It would make sense to burn it so that it couldn’t be used against them no matter what, as it’s the only thing that would allow anyone to reach Eren’s height. However, it looks like he has some will and initiative to at least fight for his beliefs with all he has. Eldia is not in the wrong here. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the upcoming chapter which is Shingeki no Kyojin 128.

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It appears that Isayama will stick with the Scouts and Marley team in the coming chapter. This means that we will be seeing the start of the fight against the Yeagerists. In Attack on Titan 128, a small flashback is expected that will explain the strategy of the scouts, based on the information that Pieck has provided.

Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 128 Release Date

Chapter 128 will release on 9th April 2020, however, as always the leaks will be out by 5th April.

read Attack on Titan 128 raw scans

It is confirmed that the next chapter is set to be published, this implies the chapter is done drawing, not published yet. We will have to wait a few days before it’s issued or leaked online.

The scans haven’t leaked online as of yet, they will most probably arrive on 5th April. When we receive the leaks of Attack on Titan Chapter 128 we will update this post. So make sure to bookmark The Anime Freak for more manga and anime articles.

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Where to read Chapter 128 officially?

Fans can read ‘Attack on Titan’ chapters officially on Kodansha comics when it releases. To support the author, you can purchase the original copy of the manga.

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