Black Clover 242 Release Date, Black Clover Chapter 242 Raw Scans

The latest chapter that was released in Black Clover manga is chapter 241. While this chapter was mostly fighting and all, it was really well written. So, let’s talk about the upcoming chapter which is Black Clover 242 in this post. But before that let me remind you, fellows, this article holds massive spoilers for the next chapter.

In this previous chapter, we saw our anti-magic boy Asta fighting against Dante. It looks like the later started to become the fan-favorite. He literally dodged Asta’s attacks while keeping his hands in the pocket, he also flirted with Venessa while fighting Asta. Meanwhile, fans are hoping for Yami to arrive in the next chapter to confront this monster as we all want to see Black Bull captain fighting against Dante in Black Clover Chapter 242.

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Read Black Clover Chapter 242 raw scans

Update: The upcoming chapter is titled “Humans and Evil”, which might show what this new evil has up sleeves for our heroes.

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Some leaks recently posted on Reddit by Aress12 for the upcoming chapter, however, the leaks might not be true as other sources haven’t confirmed it yet. But you guys can check out the leaks below.


Chapter 242 Spoilers

The last panel of Chapter 241 did show a surprising look on Dante’s face, which might act as a catalyst for him to use his demon form. The surprising look on his face possibly is because he thought he wouldn’t need to use his full powers against anyone beside Yami. Hopefully, the last combination spell of Asta and Gauche might reveal Dante’s demon form to us in Chapter 242. It appears by the look of Dante that he simply likes to crush his enemy’s attacks with his magic, but that’s impossible in case of Asta since our boy doesn’t possess any kind of magic. Asta is forcing the monster to dodge but the time will come when we see the anti-magic hero to land an attack on Dante.

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Chapter 241 did show us that Asta was using his Black form with Black Divider. But Dante hasn’t even used his Demon form. The fight looks impossible for our heroes but they had proved themselves from time to time and we believe to see some miracle next chapter. Moreover, Dante seems like the kind of a guy who’s strong enough to have devils agree to follow him hence the demon king magic.

When is the release date of Black Clover Chapter 242?

Black Clover Chapter 242

We can say that this chapter is not facing any delay. Therefore, Black Clover Chapter 242 will be properly released on 9th March 2020. We suggest that you read the previous chapter before chapter 242 arrives so that the story remains preserved in your minds. The fight is not over yet so get ready for some more extra chapters filled with astonishing action.

The real question is – how are they going to defeat the triad? Dante is literally playing with the Asta and Gauche right now and his true strength is still unknown. Asta almost got crushed in the first 3 seconds had it not been for Vanessa’s magic. If you guys also think the same, let us know in the comment section below.

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Hopefully, we get to see Yami in Black Clover 242, fans think only he put up a challenge against Dante.  But what do you guys think? Do you think Asta will attain some new form fighting against this monster? Can he last until Yami arrives? Well, there are a lot of questions that will be answered in the upcoming chapter of Black Clover.

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