{UPDATE} Dragon Ball Super 59 Leaks, Read DBS Chapter 59 Spoilers

Chapter 58 came out earlier, it was nice seeing Goku cleaning the house through the whole chapter and a lot of panels have been fantastic. The cliffhanger is amazing once again! Now, we know that Goku can tap into UI Omen but not entirely sure if he can go full Mastered Ultra Instinct. It looks like that he cannot, as his training with Meerus was interrupted by Whis. So, today we are going to talk about the events of Dragon Ball Super 59 which is going to release next month. We’ll also talk about the official sources to read Dragon Ball Super 59 online.

{UPDATE} Dragon Ball Super 59 Leaked Spoilers

Chapter 59 of Dragon Ball Super manga will officially release on 20th April on Manga plus site and on April 21 in the V-Jump, however, DBS chapter 59 leaks already surfaced online.

The official Dragon Ball Website shared the draft of the first eight pages of this new chapter. You can check out the official leaks of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 59 here.

We can clearly see in these leaks that Goku is holding his own against Moro quiet well. He is even pushing the villain into the corners. Not only Moro even Piccolo is surprised by this sudden power boost shown by Goku. It looks like Dragon Ball Super 59 is really going to be dope. We all must be looking forward to the release of the upcoming chapter.

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