Kingdom 639 Spoilers, Read Kingdom Chapter 639 Raw Scans

Howdy guys, in this post we will be talking about the spoilers and release date of Kingdom Chapter 639. Also, we’ll also reveal the official sources to read Kingdom 639 online. But before moving forward, let me remind you that this post contains possible spoilers for the upcoming chapter of the Kingdom manga so proceed at your own risk.

Kingdom Chapter 638 released earlier this week, and it was really a great chapter. Fans were expecting some crazy plot twist from the author after reading chapter 637 but Hara sensei did it amazingly. This could actually be foreseen a long time ago, and when it came out in this chapter, it surprised us but at the same time, it didn’t. It was an amazing chapter and a satisfying end to Qin’s army’s starvation.

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Fans have been consistently arguing that Ou Sen was proving to be Ri Boku’s equal and at times better than him.
But, this situation where Ri Boku was caught off guard with the Qin invasion through the route of Retsubi and he didn’t have his usual time to consider all possibilities and opposing strategies based on what he knows of his enemy.
This time it was Ou Sen who had the time and we see in this chapter the result of being able to proceed proactively instead of being reactive.

Kingdom Chapter 639

Now we have to remember that the two armies stationed occupying Gyou will be able to overwhelm Zhao’s army. Once that happens in another couple days Yo Tan Wa’s army will be rested enough to do battle again. These developments will also empower other states to push into Zhao given the heavy redistribution of Zhao’s forces to deal with the Qin invasion.

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Read Kingdom 639 spoilers

In Kingdom 639, we will most likely see the Qin army celebrating and eating after long starvation. Furthermore, the upcoming chapter will also reveal more about the injured soldiers including Kyou Kai. On the other hand, this chapter will show us some panels of Shin, Ou Hon, Mou Ten and other officers discussing the strategy to reclaim Retsubi.

What happens now that the Qin army has food? Do they conquer Zhao down to its capital or attack Retsubi to restore its supply line? If they did then who will lead the army to restore Retsubi? Will Zhao find aid from another land like Qin did? What new struggles await Shin and the Hi Shin unit? There are so many questions left unanswered and we have to wait for Kingdom chapter 639 to get their answer. Surely, the next chapter won’t cover all these questions but we will learn how the story will move forward.

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Kingdom 639 release date

The official release date for the upcoming chapter is 16th April, but the unofficial version of this chapter will be out 2 days before that. The raw scans haven’t released yet when we do we will update this post. Keep visiting The Anime Freak for more amazing speculation and news articles. If you like our content, you can follow our Discord Server and our Reddit Community. Thanks!

Where to read Kingdom Manga?

This manga doesn’t get an official English translation. However, there are some fan translations available online to read this manga in English. You can read the unofficial version on SenseScans and other similar sites. But make sure to support the artist when it becomes available in your language.

Read Kingdom Chapter 639 Raw Scans

The raw scans for Kingdom Manga 639 will release unofficially on 13th April and the English translated version will available on 15th April. Once it gets released, we will share the links here on this article so make sure to bookmark this page.

There is no break next week so it looks like Kingdom 639 manga chapter will release on 16th April Officially. So stay tuned and make sure to check out our other articles for time being.

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