Nanbaka Season 3 Release Date & Updates

Hey, everyone! Today we are going to discuss another anime. This time around it is Nanbaka. In this article, we are going to discuss its plot, characters, and the release date of Nanbaka Season 3. But before that, first, we must introduce the anime to the readers who are unfamiliar with it. Let’s go!!

Nanbaka is a manga series, later adapted as an anime show which aired between 2016 to somewhere in 2017. Nanbaka, also known as Nanbaka-The Numbers is a pun in itself. It refers to the name of a jail and the baka in the name refers to ‘fool’ or ‘stupid’ in English. The manga is illustrated by Sho Futamata and the anime adaptation was done by Satellite.

This one is kind of unique in the sense that the premise of this anime is a little unheard of. Usually, animes are based on either fictional Earth or some other totally different universe. Nobody has ever talked about such unconventional topics before. What we are trying to say is that Nanbaka is a story that is set up in prison. Yes! You heard that right! It is an anime about the daily lives of people in prison, inclusive of all, whether it’s the guards or the inmates.

So before we jump into the good stuff, let us warn you first. This article contains major spoilers. You have been warned! If reading spoilers is not your thing, this article might not be the one for you. But if otherwise, why wait any longer! In this article, we are going to cover the plot of Nanbaka, its characters, the renewal status of Nanbaka Season 3 and much more.

What is Nanbaka? – All You Need To Know


As mentioned before, this anime is kind of unconventional as it is set up in prison. The story revolves around four inmates who have been assigned to the world’s most secure and formidable prison, Nanba. The four inmates are, viz., Jyugo, Uno, Rock, and Nico. Jyugo attempted to break out of Nanba a while back and has been caught during the act, Uno is a gambling addict who likes women, Rock mainly likes eating and fighting, and Nico is an ex-drug addict who also happens to be an otaku. Nanbaka goes through all of their lives in the prison, and how they survive.


Cell 13

Jyugo: Jyugo, literally translates to the number 15. Coincidentally, his inmate number is 1315. This character is of Japanese descent. He has black hair with red ends and has heterochromia, meaning that one of his eyes is green and the other is violet.

His special skills include picking locks and mechanisms of an exceptional level. The only exception to this is the locks/shackles on his wrists and ankles who were put on him when he was asleep. Therefore, he doesn’t know who put them there and how to pick them open. Because of this, he is actively searching for them who put the shackles and kill them.

Uno: This British character has inmate number 1311. His main characteristics include a long braid, a hat and immense love for women and gambling. Because of his love of gambling, his skillsets include a great sense of intuition, luck, and observational skills. Out of all of the four inmates, he is the only one responsible.

He sort of acts as their mother, keeping each and every one of them in check. He is quite protective of Jyugo. When Jyugo is severely beaten by Hajime, Uno swears to take revenge on Jyugo’s behalf and teach Hajime a lesson.

Nico: Nico is of American descent with inmate number 1325. He is a short male who is homosexual with green hair and bandages primarily on the right side of his body. Nico’s past is the worst out of all of them. He spent his childhood in slums where even surviving day to day became quite a struggle.

He has escaped from many prisons in his lifetime because they tried to inject medicines into him. He suffers from many unusual illnesses. It becomes clear in the second season why it is so.

In the second season, his past is more revealed where it is shown that in his childhood a drug gang used to test different drugs on him which is the reason why he developed all these problems.

At his very first prison, doctors tried to operate on him in order to treat his problems which created even more illnesses. He was never treated fully and while lying in the infirmary he fell into a deep depression and even thought of taking his own life. Luckily, Jyugo came into the scene and tried to spark his interest in life again. That is why Nico is so loyal and protective of Jyugo.

Rock: He is inmate number 1369. He is also of American descent. He literally rocks a mohawk and long feather earrings. He loves eating and fighting. He is super strong, the strongest of all the four main characters. He cares for his comrades deeply. At one of the earlier prisons, he met Jyugo when he was starving to death.

Nanba Prison Guards

Hajime Sugoroku: He is the supervisor at Nanba prison, building 13. He is a Japanese man who takes his job very seriously. He is one of the strongest supervisors of Nanba. He is very suspicious of our four main inmates, especially Jyugo.

Momoko Hyakushiki: She is our prison warden. She is also quite strong, bold, and serious about her job. He also especially varies our inmate numbered 1315.

Mitsuru Hitokoe: This character is the funniest of the lot. He is one of the guards, often covering building 13. He generally hosts events in the prison and is around to lighten the mood when things get a little bit serious.

Hitoshi Sugoroku: He is the sweet, caring younger brother of Hajime. Hitoshi has a completely opposite personality from Hajime. Where Hajime is quite intense and aggressive, Hitoshi is calm and composed. He genuinely cares about the prisoners and befriends several of them.

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Nanbaka Season 3 Release Date Confirmed?

Season 1 of Nanbaka aired in 2016, and season 2 aired somewhere around in 2017. Both of the seasons have been very well-received by the fans. Because of so much success of the manga as well as the anime, we would like to think the anime is ongoing. Since the second season aired, fans have been eagerly waiting for any updates on Nanbaka Season 3, but unfortunately, no updates have been provided to us so far. Nonetheless, rumors about the series are spread far and wide. Despite all of this, we would like to confirm that there has been no official news relating to the third season whatsoever.

What do you guys think about this anime? Will they make a Nanbaka Season 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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