One Piece Chapter 973, Read One Piece 973 Spoilers, Release Date

The latest chapter that was released in the One Piece series in chapter 972 and man oh man! What a chapter! It just might be one of the most intense and dark chapters in the history of One Piece. Chapter 972 was the continuation of Oden’s flashback, at the end of which Oden, unfortunately, passed away. It has been a sad time for One Piece fans all over the world as well as the characters in the series. Although it is tragic news indeed, we also learned some knowledge about the Retainers. We learned how the Retainers became these ultimate ghosts, who by the way, Orochi is scared of. So, let’s move forward and predict the events of One Piece Chapter 973 which is officially releasing on 8th March instead of 2nd March.

But the flashback isn’t over yet, so we might expect some more tea being spilled and some more action happening from the upcoming chapters.

Therefore, in this article we are going to discuss the upcoming chapter of One Piece, its release date, what is it going to offer us, where you can grab it, etc. But wait, we have something else to discuss before all of that. The article ahead contains major spoilers. You have been warned! If getting your favorite anime/manga spoiled is one of the few things that tick you off, you might want to skip this one. But if not, let us jump right into it.

Read One Piece 973 Spoilers, Leaks

After reading chapter 972, many speculations have arisen as to what is going to happen next. We think that chapter 973 will reveal some new information about quite a few mysterious things. Firstly, we might get to know something about the Void Century. It has been kept in the dark from us for quite some time now. Also, we might get to have a peek into the real powers and abilities of Toki.

Oden already knew what is going to happen 20 years in the future. He planned everything that way. Kozuki Oden knew exactly when and what to do. He had decided to send the Scabbards to exactly 20 years in the future. Oden genuinely has a better understanding of the Void Century because he has explored it and learned its secrets along with Roger. He knew that after 20 years someone will arrive in Wano and open the borders of this country.

One Piece Chapter 973

Kozuki Oden

Now that Oden is dead, it is Toki’s responsibility to send the Retainers 20 years in the future all the while protecting them from Kaido. In the upcoming chapter of One Piece, numbered 973, it is shown that all of them are trying to reach the Oden castle as fast as possible. It will also be shown that Ashura Douji and Denjiro will stay behind to prevent Kaido from reaching the Oden castle. This might buy enough time for the Scabbards to reach the castle, break into it, and save Toki and the children. Once that is executed successfully, Kin’emon and Momonosuke will be sent into the future safely.

Oden’s Flashback Continuation in chapter 973

Of course, as mentioned before, the flashback is not over yet. It has been suggested that instead of jumping back to the present we are going slowly towards it with the help of this flashback. One Piece chapter 973 will cover how the Retainers will go 20 years into the future. We might get one more chapter to end the flashback the right way. Chapter 973 will also give us details about the mysterious Void Century, which all the fans are genuinely excited about. Let us know down in the comments below what you guys think about the upcoming chapter. Is it going to be so easy to contain Kaido? Will Kaido cause irreversible damage? How long is this flashback going to go for? Only time will tell!

Release date-

There were many speculations about the official release date of chapter 973 all over the internet. There were rumors that the upcoming chapter will be delayed and recently Mangaplus tweeted and confirmed the delay. According to some news online, Eiichiro Oda is suffering from a minor disease. Fortunately, he is recovering fast as stated by a tweet. So, the official date of release of One Piece Chapter 973 is 8th March 2020.

Read One Piece Chapter 973 raw scans

The scans haven’t released as of yet, when we receive the leaks we will update this article. So, make sure to bookmark this article for updated articles and news. The raw scans most likely will arrive on 5th-6th March.

Where Can You Read One Piece Chapters?

You can grab One Piece or any of your other favorite manga on either VIZ media or manga plus. Please read mangas on official/legal websites only to support the creators who work hard to provide us with our weekly entertainment.

Chapter 972 Recap

The latest chapter of One Piece was quite sad for the fans as well as the characters. It showed the tragic death of Kozuki Oden. It was one of the greatest episodes in the history of One Piece. The moment of his death was one of the most heart-wrenching parts because this is where everyone chanted his most famous dialogue. In the final moments of his life, Oden gave a little speech where he exclaimed that a Great War is befalling and someone who has inherited the knowledge will become the savior.

The next panel then shows the Retainers rushing to Oden’s castle. Sadly, they did not even get to mourn the death of their leader and have to blindly follow his orders. Overall, it was one of the greatest chapters of One Piece. All of us hope the next one will be a banger also. Let us know your thoughts about this in the comments below.

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