One Piece 976 Delayed, One Piece Chapter 976 Spoilers, Release Date

Hello Guys, today we are going to discuss Chapter 975 and predict the events of One Piece Chapter 976 which is going to release on 4th April 2020. But, before moving forward let me warn you, this post holds massive spoiler from chapter 975 and potential spoilers for Chapter 976. So, make sure to read the previous chapter before reading this article.

One Piece Chapter 975 Summary

Before moving to One Piece 976, let us summarize the previous chapter. We got to see the new outfits of Strawhat pirates and they were looking amazing. Sanji with gloves looks to cool and even Zeus has armor. It looked like Zoro went back to his original style.

It was also revealed that Kine’mon misread the secret drawing and took the red scabbards to the wrong location but it worked in their favor since it helped them duck the Beast pirates. Everyone else thinks he did it on purpose to mislead the beast pirates and Orochi. The look on Kine’mon’s face was epic at the last panel when Denjiro explained the true meaning behind Yasui’s drawing.

They also learned that both the Yonko formed an alliance and now it will be truly difficult for them to win against them. It seems even with 5600 soldiers they can’t do anything against the Yonko alliance and they need support. On this, the readers are theorizing that the Straw Hat Grand Fleet will soon join them and provide a great advantage.

After a long time, all the Mugiwara crew members are together and this looked epic with the addition of Kidd and Law. Moreover, Luffy went boundman to fight against the low-level warriors indicates that he must have overcome the time limitation in his gear 4th. In One Piece 976, Oda will surely reveal how much Luffy increased in terms of power.

So, now moving with the speculation of One Piece Chapter 976 based on the previous chapter.

One Piece Chapter 976 Spoilers

Kanjuro still has Momonuske and he might use this opportunity to flee but we know that Scabbards or Strawhat won’t let that happen. To prevent that, Robin might use her Devil Fruit abilities and rescue the Kozuki heir and that possibly will happen in One Piece 976. Moreover, we know Denjiro revealed the actual meaning behind that Yasui’s drawing and everyone seems disturbed with this sudden plot twist, he can utilize this chance in his favor.

The addition of Denjiro to the party is a big boost in strength. Also, he has been working with Orochi for 20 years now. So he must have some crucial information regarding Kaido and Orochi- which might play a significant role while going against Kaido and co. Moreover, we will be seeing some epic interaction between Denjiro and the other retainers in the next chapter.

One Piece Chapter 976

Kanjuro and Kine’mon

The fight against Kaido’s troops will conclude in One Piece chapter 976. Also, it looks like Kanjuro will submit against them or just flee. Considering his role as a traitor he will be playing an important role later in the story. He also has a very powerful devil fruit which will come in handy fighting against our guys later in Wano arc.

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Release Date

One Piece manga is on a break next week so One Piece 976 will officially release on April 4th, 2020. As it is a common tradition with mangas, the raw scans will be released 2-3 days earlier than the official release date[2nd April]. If we hear any news, we will update this article. So, keep checking The Anime Freak for more awesome news. You can also join our Reddit Community.

Read One Piece 976 Raw Scans

The Raw Scans haven’t leaked online yet, as we know, the One Piece manga is on a week break. Chapter 976 will arrive online on 4th April 2020 and this indicates that you will be able to read One Piece 976 Raw Scans on 2nd April 2020. The leaks will be updated here once release online.

What was the meaning behind Yasui’s drawing?

The original snake in the Japanese had 5 hiragana letters.

HA. BU. MI. NA. TO (はぶみなと)

So, Kine’mon thought it was a lizard because the two “legs” added to the snake makes it sort of a long lizard. However, the others including Denjiro thought that the 2 strokes added to the stomach of the snake that removes the inner letter between the head and tail. The removed letters are BU MI NA and that lefts only HA TO, and this is not a major port but a small port near snake port which Yasui used to adore.

Kine’mon misunderstood Yasui’s message, thus assembling at the wrong point. That info was also given to Kanjuro and Orochi. Everyone else went to the right spot and thus were saved. And now they all think Kine’mon did it intentionally.

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StrawHat Grand Fleet

In an interview, Oda stated that Grand Fleet will play a major role in the coming chapters. So it might only be a hint but it looks like the fleet will possibly join StrawHat in the coming chapters. Besides them, there are some more characters that we would like to see fighting for Luffy against the Beast pirates. Do you think the Grand Fleet will join StrawHat in the coming chapters in leading them to success? If you do please let us know in the comment section.

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