Solo Leveling 108, Only I Level Up Chapter 108 Spoilers, Leaks

Chapter 107 came out the previous week and it was all information-packed. This chapter introduced many new important characters in the story; Thomas Andre- National level hunter, Liu Zhigang- China’s Seven Star Hunter and two mysterious beings possibly monsters. Fans are looking forward to the next chapter which is numbered 108, so without any further ado let’s predict the events of Solo Leveling 108.

Solo Leveling Chapter 107 summary

Solo Leveling Chapter 107 felt a little short compared to the earlier chapter, but probably this was because the Jeju arc is at its climax. This arc had been one of the best arcs in the manhwa, where we saw how powerful Sun Jin-woo can become, seriously there is no limit to him. He is leveling up day by day fighting and defeating monsters that seem too powerful for normal hunters.

Chapter 107 introduced some new characters, but the center of this chapter was taken by 2 unknown characters. They appeared out of nowhere on the Jeju island where other hunters were extracting the mana crystals. They didn’t seem normal and were came to check the S-class dungeon break. Moreover, in their conversation, they talked about someone else, they stated that the person would be sad about the insects. So, who were they? Do they have any relation to the system? Do they know Sung Jin-woo? They teleported in an instance so they didn’t seem like some regular human beings. Hopefully, we get to know more about these mysterious beings in the coming chapters of Solo Leveling.

Solo Leveling Chapter 108

We also witnessed Thomas Andre, he is one of the top national class hunters. Also, he is the guild master of the Scavengers guild in America. As of now, we don’t know what his abilities are and how powerful he is. But, we do know that being in the top 5 national hunters, one has to be ridiculously powerful. In addition to that, we also get to see Liu Zhigang- the seven-star hunter of China. This guy is also one of the powerhouses, we can compare him with the rest of the National Hunters. He defeated all the ants which came to china’s shore in a single slice. Fans are anxiously waiting to know more about the newly introduced characters, they all seem too powerful.

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Read Solo Leveling Chapter 108 Spoilers

After Jeju arc, Sung Jin-woo became the greatest hero not only for Korea but for the whole world. Every country wanted to recruit this hunter for their gains. In Solo Leveling 108, America will most likely try their best to recruit Korea’s S-class hunter Jin-woo. It’s not like they will succeed in recruiting the hunter since Jin-woo doesn’t want to leave Korea.

Now, Jin-woo is no less than any celebrity and the reporters will surround him to know more about him, everyone literally everyone wants to know more about this rising hunter, as he is the same person who was known by the name- the weakest hunter. Moreover, he is all over the news after the Jeju island incident that means his mother probably already knows that he is a hunter like his father. Hoping, he himself confronts his mother in the upcoming Solo Leveling chapter 108 and reveals everything about him being a hunter, she surely will understand that.

The confrontation of Cha Hae-in and Sung Jin-woo can take place in Chapter 108 of Only I Level Up. She somehow knows that the one who is responsible for her life is Jin-woo. She will have a lot of questions for the male hunter and knowing Jin-woo, he most likely will ignore all the attention. Moreover, Go Gun-hee and our hunter will talk on the matter of the human-looking monsters who appeared on Jeju Island.

Many things need an answer right now, like who were those mysterious beings at Jeju Island? Are they somehow related to the system and Sung Jin-woo? We know Il-Hwan, father of Jin-woo is out there, but where he is right now? Was he talking about these human-looking monsters when he came out of that dungeon? What is the system and why it works for Jin-woo? These questions must take priority in the upcoming chapters of the manga.

National Level Hunters

There is a total of 5 hunters who are known as national class hunters, one of them is Thomas Ander the guild master of the Scavengers guild. These hunters survived the S-class gate which introduced the Kamish. All countries took part to clear this gate, however, only 5 hunters survived. Nothing is known about their abilities yet but they are supposed to be much stronger than the regular S-class hunters.

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Is Jin-Woo stronger than National Level Hunters?

With the ending of Jeju island, every other country will try to recruit Jin-woo. As he single-handedly cleared an S class gate. Well, people started comparing him with the rest of National Class Hunters, but seriously the national level hunters are still a little bit stronger than him at this moment. But, our Korean hunter can level up and will surely surpass every other hunter.

Read Solo Leveling 108 leaks, raw scans

The spoilers for chapter 108 haven’t leaked online yet. We will update this post once we receive the leaks of the upcoming chapter. So, make sure to bookmark this page for further news and spoilers regarding Solo Leveling Chapter 108.

Only I Level Up Chapter 108 Release Date

Korean version will officially release on 4th March 2020 and the English translated chapter will arrive a day after that which is 5th March. The translation from Korean to English takes around 1 day that’s the reason the English version usually outs one day after.

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