Solo Leveling 110, Only I Level Up Chapter 110 Spoilers, Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 109 introduced us to Mrs. Shelmer, a female hunter who can enhance other hunters’ powers. Well, she got amazing ability, however, it didn’t work on Sung Jin-woo. According to the female hunter, Jin-woo is a king with limitless potential. It was good to see we finally get a little more information on that abyss everyone keeps seeing in him. But, the real question remains- why he’s so different from the others? We might not get that info sometime soon, yet hoping we get to know a little bit more about Sung Jin-woo’s mystery in Solo Leveling 110.

But before moving forward, let me remind you this article holds massive spoiler for the upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter which is numbered 110. We also added a little info at the end of the article regarding his mystery which is taken directly from the Solo Leveling Light Novel[SPOILERS]. If you want to know more about Sung Jin-woo’s powers and abilities’ explanation comment below and we will try to write a separate article focusing on that.

Now moving forward to Solo Leveling: Only I Level Up Chapter 110

Read Solo Leveling Chapter 110 Spoilers

In the previous chapter, Mrs. Shelmer got terrified of Sung Jin-woo’s potentials and even called him a king with limitless potential. As of now, we don’t know why she said that and Solo leveling Chapter 110 may reveal why she got scared of the abyss and why she called him a king.

Solo Leveling Chapter 110

The depiction of the plunge into darkness that Madam Shelmer experienced drawn by the artist was epic. Her expression went from confident to terrified in the space of seven panels. She saw that Jin-woo is not a normal summoner, he can be compared to the other national-level hunters. We don’t know if he can be compared with the rest of national-level hunters as of yet, but surely he will surpass all of them in the near future.

Hunter Bureau and Jin-woo

Now that the enhancement didn’t work on Jin-woo fans are wondering how the Americans will interpret that. Will they realize he can level or something of the sort. Will they fear him if he doesn’t come to their faction because he has the potential to exceed all their hunters and make them into his shadows though they don’t know that yet possibly. The Deputy Director of the Bureau will try to talk to Mrs. Shelmer in Chapter 110 of Only I Level Up. In this chapter, he will attempt to calm down the female hunter and ask him more about Jin-woo.

Now, after meeting with the Madam Shelmer and Deputy Director Michael Connor, Jin-woo most likely return to his house. In Solo Leveling 110, we will see the reporters circling his house for an interview. But he doesn’t seem to have any interest in revealing much about himself to the media. Moreover, the media is broadcasting the Jeju Island incident over the TV, his mother might have seen him and now knows that he is a hunter. We will see Jin-woo and his mother talking over it. She will surely mention his father and reveal how he went missing after going inside a dungeon.

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Only I Level Up Chapter 110 Release Date

Korean version of Solo Leveling 110 will officially release on 17th March 2020. Also, the English translated version of the next chapter will arrive a day after that which is 18th March. The translation from the Korean version to English takes approximately one day that’s why the English version usually outs one day later.

Read Solo Leveling 110 Raw Scans and Leaks

The leaks haven’t released of chapter 110 yet, the spoilers usually come out a day before the release. Solo Leveling is manhwa or webtoon originally published in the Korean language. As it is in the Korean language it doesn’t have any official English translation, you have to read the scans provides by some translators.

There are a lot of websites to read the webtoon online including Jamini’s box. Meanwhile, you guys can visit the official website KakaoPage for the official release of the chapter which airs in the Korean language. The scans will release on 18th March. Till then, keep visiting The Anime Freak for more awesome content.

Hunters Power Level Comparision

  • E-rank hunter is similar to a super soldier, which seems like a lot until you glance at the higher ranks.
  • D-rank hunters have solidly exceeded what should be humanly possible.
  • C-rank hunters can only be injured by weapons on the magnitude of missiles.
  • B-ranks can take various nuclear strikes.
  • A-ranks are essentially immortal.
  • S-rank hunters are beyond understanding.

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[Light Novel Spoilers] From where Sung Jin-woo gets his power?

Jin-Woo isn’t a normal reawakened hunter. When he decided to sacrifice himself so that everyone could survive at the beginning of the series. He was found worthy of being the vessel for the king/sovereign of shadow, which is essentially this universe’s equivalent to Hades with some Lucifer tossed in for good measure. He’s the literal God of Death, and everything regarding the system and his leveling up is created to ease Jin-woo into his full potential and slowly get used to it over time, for a future war with other beings of comparable power levels.

This manhwa or webtoon never disappoints to one-up itself. You’d expect a male power fantasy with fine art like so many before, but this one’s truly exceptional and has an astonishing story.

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