Solo Leveling 111 Delayed, Season 2 Chapter 1 Release Date, Spoilers

Solo Leveling Manhwa recently concluded its first season with Chapter 110. In season 1, Hunter Jin-woo single-handedly cleared an S-class gate on Jeju island and rescued the S-class hunters of Korea. Not to mention, he defeated the Ant king and acquired his shadow. There is too much going on in this Manhwa and because of its complexity, it is one of the best manga to read out there. So, today we are going to talk about season 1 of this manga, as well as, predict the events of Solo Leveling 111 [Season 2 Chapter 1].

Season 1 concluded with a bang- where we got to see Hunter Sung Jin-woo enters a B-rank gate which later converts into a red gate. How will he clear this gate? Will he face any problem clearing it? By the looks on his face, he is quite confident that he can clear it within a day. We have to wait for Solo Leveling 111 or Season 2 chapter 1 to know for sure.

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Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 1/ Solo Leveling 111-

But before moving forward to Solo Leveling Season 2 or Solo Leveling 111, let’s talk about Season 1 of this manga.

Solo Leveling: Only I Level Up Season 1

Chapter 1 to Chapter 110 is part of season 1 of this awesome story. In season 1, we got to see Jin-woo begins with an E-rank hunter. The Worlds Weakest Hunter”, Sung Jin-Woo, who joins raids in dungeons to pay for his ill mother’s treatment and his sisters’ education. After a raid in a double dungeon went wrong, Hunter Sung Jin-Woo awakens an ability that allows him to level up his abilities, which is unheard of. The story follows Jin-Woo’s growth as a person and a hunter. The riddles, mystery, and high-stakes in this manga make it an enticing story to follow.

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Solo Leveling: Only I Level Up Chapter 110 Quick Summary

This chapter starts with Korean Chairman grieving over Hunter Min Byeong-Gu in the Jeju incident. Later, he receives a call telling him that a B-rank gate opened in the middle of a road. After hearing about the location, he remembers that Jin-woo recently opened an office in that area and maybe he can help with this gate.

Only I Level Up 111

After Hunter Jin-woo enters the gate it turns into a red gate, well we all know it won’t be a problem for the hunter since he cleared an S-class gate without any difficulty. This chapter also teased the five National Class Hunters, fans are anxiously waiting to more about these hunters and how powerful they are. We need to wait for Solo Leveling 111 to know if our hunter is powerful enough to handle these powerhouses on his own.

Only I Level Up Season 2 Spoilers, Release Date

Solo leveling completed its 1st season with the 110th chapter. After this, they are going on a break for an undefined duration. It will take some time to return with season 2. We are not sure how much time it will take for the author to release season 2, most probably it will arrive after a month.

We all are going to miss the weekly release of Solo Leveling but it was a much-deserved break for the artist, It was a great way to end the season with the teasing of some of the new national-level hunters at the end. The end of Season 1 just makes the wait and hype even more epic for season 2.

Read Solo Leveling 111 Spoilers

Chapter 110 marked the end of Season 1 and Solo Leveling 111 will be the first chapter of Season 2. In Chapter 110, Sung Jin-woo entered a B-rank gate which later turns out to be a red gate. In the upcoming chapter, Sung Jin-woo will be seen clearing the gate without any difficulty.

The gate was near his office, so after clearing it he directly will go to his guild office where he will meet Jin-Ho. They both will discuss the future of the guild in this upcoming chapter. The discussion will most likely be about the name of the guild.

Solo Leveling Chapter 111

The Americans tried to recruit Jin-woo but failed, so they most likely try again with something else to offer. They do know about his father, perhaps they will try to exchange the info for one more meeting with him. Solo Leveling Season 2 will surely be epic, in this season all the mysteries will be solved. The mysteries around the leveling up, system and the abyss.

Solo Leveling 111  might also include more information about the National Class Hunters. We only know their name but other than that everything is a mystery. Moreover, the mysterious humanoids that were seen on the Jeju island might appear in the next chapter. 

What is the System? How Hunter Sung Jin-woo able to level up? {SPOILERS}

The system is a concept made by the “architect”. It was created so the shadow sovereign could utilize Jin-woo’s body to come to earth. The reason he requires the system is because of his immense power. Normal human bodies can’t handle possession by a spiritual being as strong as the shadow sovereign. So they built the system to establish Jin-woo to take over his body

Solo Leveling 111 Release Date

The release date of Chapter Solo Leveling 111 hasn’t been confirmed yet. The author is taking a much-needed break after moving to the next season. We don’t for sure but it looks like Season 2 will release in the last week of April after a month’s break.

Solo Leveling CHapter 111

Solo Leveling Light Novel has around 245 chapters in total and season 1 covered till Light Novel Chapter 131. Which means season 2 will conclude this story. If you are an impatient one, you can read the Light Novel from Chapter 132 to know how this story will end.

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Read Solo Leveling 111 raw scans

This manga is on a break for the undetermined duration, we can’t be sure when season 2 will release. When we receive any information regarding Solo Leveling 111 we will update this post. So, make sure to check out this page again in the future.

Solo Leveling Anime Petition

On a further note, fans all around the globe are asking an anime adaptation of this manga, also there is a petition going online on, which has more than 84000 signs. If you also want to view the anime adaptation of this manhwa you can sign the petition here.

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